With an experience in direct marketing sector for more than quarter of a century, EKOM has seen the needs that arose in field applications and have produced the optimum solutions for these needs. It is a Merchandising agency that serves all the issues that are needed in the struggle between entry and exit of a brand or product to the point of sale. EKOM is your professional hand, eye, ear in the field.


  • What type of team do you need?
  • Sales support team?
  • Promotion team?
  • A travelling or a fixed team?
  • How many people should you cover your point of sales with?
  • How many hours should you spend in which point of sale?
  • Which cities should you be present in?

EKOM has the answers and solutions to all of these questions or your needs. It builds and manages the most distinguished team for your product and market.


For the field team:

  • Orientation trainings
  • Vocational trainings
  • Self-improvement trainings
  • Product specifications, market, competitors, sales strategies, campaign terms if there are any
  • POP briefing, informing, introduction trainings
  • They are carried out both in training rooms in EKOM’s central and regional offices and in digital environment.

Your field teams are trained for all kinds of conditions. Knowing that the most important factor in marketing and sales is the people, EKOM believes that the most valuable investment must be made in people. With this awareness, it makes an effort for each team member to be fully equipped when operating in the field.


EKOM owns 25 years of experience in all chain and local store performances, and has extensive information and customer portfolio. It also possesses information about all locations where consumer traffic is high, such as squares, universities, event venues, transportation networks, neighborhood markets, shopping centers. This creates the most economical and memorable ways and methods in all activities.

With its unique software, the point visited, visiting time and the time spent, route control are monitored. It makes improvements at every step for the field teams to run their shifts in the most optimal way.


It utilizes digital opportunities at a maximum level in order to monitor the operations in the field, market situation, and the personnel activities. State-of-the-art systems and tools which offer significant opportunities for instant monitoring are available for field staff use.

It plans digital solutions that increase supervision by softwares specially developed for a product and/or market, with software managers and sales & marketing executives and offers you the appropriate solutions for your needs.

Marketing executives can see instantly with digital applications whatever they want to see regarding the field, while working in their offices. Systems that increase transparency, get quick reaction, increase supervision and prevent losses are offered to you with EKOM’s expertise.


It shares the experience acquired from different sectors and categories since 1992 with you, in order to improve the efficiency of your field operations, and builds strategic partnerships.


You can assign the ‘payroll’ method and all legal procedures of your field staff to EKOM. Subject to Certified Public Accountant approvals and Sedex audits, EKOM is a company that you can securely entrust all your employees’ personal rights. With transparent and accessible online systems, you and your employees can access all the information you need immediately.